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Bed Shop Leicester: Narborough Beds. There are many choices when it comes to bed styles and sizes. At Narborough Beds Leicester, we can help you make the right choice and get the best result. Deciding the size of your bed can be a simple task. The hard part is finding the right style for your bedroom and decor. You won’t have to worry about the choice when you shop with us. Everything is sorted by style and type so you can just find the one you love.

If storage is tight in your home, don’t forget we stock, oak ottoman beds, fabric ottoman beds and leather ottoman beds at our Leicester bed shop. You can store your things conveniently in these beds by having the mattress lift up using labour-saving technology.

At Narborough Beds in Leicester, our faux leather beds look and feel just like real leather, but they’re animal-friendly and only a fraction of the cost of genuine leather.

Wooden bed frames are great for enhancing existing furniture and creating a cosy feel. Our collection includes a variety of single, double, and king-sized wooden beds. Wooden beds bring a warm, traditional feel to your bedroom. They’re made with strength, comfort, and durability in mind. These beds will last for many years and still look great.

Fabric beds are the ultimate in luxury and glamour. It softens the look of the bedroom, creating an inviting, warm atmosphere that will make your nights a memorable one. Fabric beds come in a variety of colours, from soft polyester to luxurious crushed velvet. They are both visually stunning and feel great against the skin.

While looks are important, the most important part of a bed is the mattress. Some prefer them firm, while others like them soft and bouncy. Add memory foam to the mix, and you have a multitude of things you need to think about when choosing a mattress.

We have a variety of mattresses available for single, double, and king-sized beds at our Leicester bed shop. We have the perfect mattress for you, whether it’s soft and bouncy or firm. Check out our selection of mattresses today.

We want you to have a great night’s sleep. That’s our number one concern. Night after night, we are here to help.


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